Agile. Focused. Human.

These days, the pressure of change affects almost all industries, and also their back offices. In finance, controlling, and in HR as well as in documentation and archiving, the digitalization and optimal process management are the key drivers for better efficiency and an optimal utilization of the unique selling points. Regardless of whether your company is a non-profit organization, has a religious affiliation, or is managed privately.

For Informed Decisions. For Agile Action. For the People in the Company.

With SAP’s open technology platform and with innovative process models, sumarumAG covers all your company-specific functional and business processes. If you want to gain agility and concentrate on your core competences: sumarumAG is ready when you are.

Activate your core processes with sumarumAG

  • Personnel administration
  • Payroll accounting
  • Time management
  • Organization management
  • Business travel
  • Authorizations
  • Processes and forms

Application Management Outsourcing (AMO) - The Best Application for Your Core Business

Statutory electronic reporting procedures (B2A), innovation through B2B integration, and ever-changing operating processes with different technologies require a high level of flexibility and reliability from the user as well as from the application. This can bind capacities that you can use more profitably elsewhere. By commissioning sumarumAG with your AMO requirements, you will gain capacity for your core business and your customer support.

AMO Brings You Up to Speed

sumarumAG offers a professional AMO for your incident and change management processes as well as for effective enhancements of your SAP systems. Harmonized business processes, legally admissible tools and up-to-date systems ensure cost-efficient solutions that are perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.

Year After Year - Routine (in) Solutions

Fiscal year change, patch campaigns and recruiting – sumarumAG takes good care of your  routine processes. Our specialists will, for example, process the monthly salary statements including all follow-up activities. As an AMO customer with sumarumAG, you benefit from the latest technologies and a powerful portfolio!

Certified Without a Doubt

Since 2011, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has certified sumarumAG according to the ISAE 3402 standard. With this standard (International Standard on Assurance Engagements), sumarumAG documents the binding quality and high legal certainty of sumarumAG’s AMO solutions.

Process Outsourcing (BPO) – It’s All About Delegation

Reduce complexity: Control your business-critical processes that are cost-intensive and are subject to a high-speed innovation with tailor-made outsourcing solutions. Handing over the responsibility for, for example, remuneration, time management, or other processes enables you to focus on your core business.

Die sumarumAGis your trustworthy partner for all strategic, administrative, and operational tasks. Together, we outline the methods to be considered, we specify the scope of the service levels, and define clear performance criteria. With sumarumAG, you combine people and processes and gain a corporate culture with a greater efficiency. You facilitate your long-term strategic actions and the nitty-gritty of daily business.

sumarumAG BPO – Take Your Pick

  • sumarumAG provides the system and takes over processing
  • You provide the system and we work on your setup

BPO – Certified Without a Doubt

Since 2011, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has certified sumarumAG according to the ISAE 3402 standard. With this standard (International Standard on Assurance Engagements), sumarumAG proofs that its BPO processes are documented properly and offer legal certainty at any time.

sumarumAG Hosting – Secure in Germany

The certified data center of sumarumAG provides an SAP-based multi-client platform or an customer-specific SAP system. Daily data backups as well as redundant backups in a failover data center are a given for sumarumAG. We ensure the continuous adaptation of the systems to current legal or company-internal regulations.

Advantages of Multi-Client Systems

Who shares, wins – And optimizes costs. The multi-client systems of sumarumAG enable secure resource sharing at any time. The platform and the services running on the platform are shared between several users. The robust SAP client concept ensures the security of sensitive data at any time.

Dedicated Systems – Let’s Find Your Solution

Do you have specific requirements with regard to the availability and functional scope of your systems? Are you planning to use existing proprietary developments? We are pleased to provide individually configured systems. The inclusion in our certified sumarumAG maintenance concept is a given.

SAP Licenses

Talk to sumarumAG to map your structures and processes to SAP. Together, we create the functional concept and deliver the individual solution and the licenses tailored to your requirements.

Print Services

The sumarumAG Print Services relieve your organization of the creation and posting of remuneration statements and other documents. We operate an up-to-date and efficient in-line printing system including all letter shop services.